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Charles Sumner November 26, 1851 ALS to Sarah Waldo Story

Charles Sumner November 26, 1851 ALS to Sarah Waldo Story

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November 26, 1851 letter from Charles Sumner to Sarah Waldo Story. Sarah was the wife and widow of Charles Sumner's mentor and friend US Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story (1779-1845).
New York, Nov. 26, ‘51
Dear Mrs. Story,
Crowded by business I was obliged to leave yesterday without seeing you once more, as I had fondly hoped.  But I cannot forget you, & it is among my precious possessions, that you will not forget me.
Ever Affectionately Yours, Charles Sumner
The content of this letter is curious in that it appears to be a love letter with the expression of deep affection directed at Sarah Story.  In the 19th century, however, it was not unusual for friendship and loyalty to be expressed in affectionate language in correspondence.  In fact it was commonplace to close a letter with "Most Affectionately Yours" or similar language as seen in this letter. 
The simple, beautiful prose of Sumner in this letter, however, is unusually so and seems to go perhaps a little over the top.  Perhaps research would reveal that there was indeed a more complicated relationship between Sumner and Sarah Story which this letter seems to express.

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