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Circa 1780 Rare Large George Washington Wedgwood Blue Jasperware Portrait Medallion

$ 1,599.00

Extremely rare Wedgwood Blue Jasperware Portrait of George Washington, 1780's. Solid light blue oval with portrait modeled in profile after the bust of Washington by Houdon, lg. 3 1/4 in.; impressed marks. 

Wedgwood created several portrait medallions of George Washington beginning as early as 1775.  Josiah Wedgwood had his Wedgwood potteries in England, however during the American Revolutionary war, Wedgwood was a supporter of the American cause. Wedgwood was also a close associate and friend of Benjamin Franklin. 

Reverse has Washington incised by hand in script as well as an early slightly curved WEDGWOOD hallmark stamped into the reverse.  This mark was used by Wedgwood following the death of Wedgwood's partner Thomas Bentley in 1780.  The reverse also has two holes which were used to hold the piece while applying the jasperware dip.  These holes are only seen on the very earliest Wedgwood pieces, and along with this particular hallmark, would definitively date this particular piece sometime during the 1780s

In hand the blue is softer that pictured. Small dark spot on Washington's cheek. Overall very pleasing and exceptionally rare with the Washington name in script. 

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