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About Rare Legacy


Rare legacy specializes on historical artifacts, numismatics, and decorative arts relating to the colonial New World, the American Revolutionary War, and important historical figures in United States and Western European history.  Our goal is to offer our clients rare and unique original objects that that reveal the times and experiences from important persons and events in our history. 

Operating out of Rockwall, TX, Rare Legacy is a partnership between researchers and award-winning authors Skyler Liechty and Tony Lopez.  Between them, they have written more than 30 articles appearing in various publications including the Numismatist, CN Journal, Maryland Numismatist, and MCA Advisory. They have each won two Numismatic Literary Guild Awards for articles they co-authored; The Sovereign of the Seas Medal in the MCA Advisory as well as the Gilcrease Museum publication Peace Medals: Negotiating Power in Early America. Skyler Liechty received the Gloria Stamm Chamberlain Award in 2010. Tony Lopez received the Georgia Stamm Chamberlain Award in 2008 and the Carl W. A. Carlson Award in 2014.

Our areas of specialty include historical medals, especially medals pertaining to the colonial New World and the American Revolutionary War; decorative arts and historical artifacts of the federal period especially portraiture of George Washington,  Benjamin Franklin, and the other founding fathers; and historical autographs and manuscripts.

 Rare Legacy can be found online at, and can be contacted at or called at (855)-8-History.